Daily Planet president embraces vegan office philosophy

Daily Planet president Scott Marvel: “We have to do everything we can to put the right fuel in our bodies.”

In the course of abstaining from all animal products, including milk and eggs, Daily Planet Productions’ president and dedicated nonmeat-eater Scott Marvel was enlightened by a recent epiphany.

“It dawned on me,” he says. “If I made Daily Planet a vegan company… we would be innovative.”

The ensuing effect of his philosophy on Daily Planet’s staff and operations is documented in a hilarious video — Exciting News from Daily Planet — that the company released yesterday.

“It’s going to produce the best creative in the industry,” continues the six-foot five-inch, plant-munching beard-o. “When (the staff) started seeing the benefits of it… they were in this ecstatic zone.”


The declaration is accompanied by footage of confused employees adjusting to their new diets and live chickens taking over the office.