Daily Planet displays its creativity via T-shirt designs sold exclusively online at Teetsy.com

Daily Planet’s motion graphics designers have found another outlet for their creativity. Last week they launched Teetsy.com, an online boutique selling $15 original-design T-shirts.

Said Daily Planet’s president Scott Marvel, who initiated the idea, “The T-shirt site is another way of expressing ourselves and getting our ideas out there.”

The T-shirt line evolved over three months, said Marvel, an editor and motion graphics designer and 15-year Daily Planet veteran who assumed ownership of the 25-year old company last year.

“Some of the staff writes, some play music and some paint, and they design on any canvas, so why not design on fabric,” noted Marvel.

The graphics designers who initiated the venture were Jason White, Jon Adler, Nik Braatz, and Lindsay Zimmerman, each creating  two original designs.

“The designs are varied but personal,” noted Jason White, motion graphics director. “We’re so used to seeing our work on a TV screen, it will be really cool to see someone we don’t know wearing our designs. That will be the ultimate complement,” White said.

Hopefully two of those people wearing Teetsy shirts will be Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston. Marvel sent complimentary shirts to the stars via their costumer on “The Break Up” set. Marvel said he’d love to see T-shirt-wearing Aniston in “People” wearing one of their designs.

Silk screener is Ron Weiss of Shirts Our Business. “They’ve been in business since 1975,” said Marvel, who connected with Weiss through freelance producer Abby Jacobson. “Abby used him for a Leo Burnett/McDonald’s vintage T-shirt job and she was very satisfied.”

Teetsy.com’s development took three months from idea to T-shirt delivery. Marvel said the site has attracted 8,000 hits a day since its Aug. 27 launch.

Daily Planet’s staff of 15 is located in 10,000-sq. ft. space at 455 Cityfront Plaza; phone, 312/670-3766. See www.teetsy.com.