Daily Planet goes roller disco for City Pop Cola

Daily Planet's 'Bubbles' for City Pop Cola

Daily Planet’s ‘Bubbles’ for City Pop Cola

groove turns
laundromat into
dance party for
Marz Brewing’s
cane sugar soda

Daily Planet Productions recently wrapped a visually driven commercial for craft soda City Pop Cola.

It’s a fun and colorful spot, bringing a disco-drenched feeling of fantasy to the nighttime customers of a drab laundromat, climaxing in a roller skating party. Of course there’s roller-skating!

“It was like a music video with a lot of pieces to align,” said director Michael Gabriele, “with the skaters and the dancing and the camera movement and the bubbles.”

Of course there are bubbles!

“I came up with a color palette early and every single element followed that direction, helping to bring the viewer into this surreal world,” Gabriele continues. “It’s a brand with a strong aesthetic and I wanted to make the most of it.”



Daily Planet in LA
Recently moved to Los Angeles, Gabriele divides his time between Daily Planet projects in Chicago and the West Coast.


“A lot of clients are asking us to shoot in L.A. and it’s great to have Michael there as our boots on the ground,” said Daily Planet Productions President Scott Marvel.

Gabriele has extensive experience in the beverage category, having previously directed content for Courvosier, Jim Beam, Corona, and a Midwest Emmy-nominated spot for Chicago’s Lo Rez Brewing.

City Pop is a cane sugar cola from Marz Brewing, made as an homage to the era of Japanese “New Music” from the 70’s to the 80’s.

   Director: Michael Gabriele
   Director of Photography: Ryan French
   Color Correction: Jeff Altman
   Editor: Michael Gabriele
   Music: Asche & Spencer
   Audio Mix: Matthew Hane

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