Cutters will host 800 at “Bloodbath” costume party

CUTTERS HALLOWEEN PARTY Thursday night, one of the two biggest, must-attend parties of the year (along with AICP’s big night Nov. 15) expects a record-breaking 800 guests – 90% of them wearing costumes. 

The party, themed as “Bloodbath on the Orient Express,” takes place at The Bottom Lounge, 1375 W. Lake, starting at 6 p.m.  The costume contest winners will be announced at 9:30 and the winner of the most outrageous/creative/daring costume will go home with a thousand bucks, second place winner with $500.  

Cutters is thoughtfully providing bus transportation for guests departing from outside its building at 515 N. State to the venue, at 6 p.m.

(One year I went to an industry costume party wearing a black slip and carrying a book by Dr. Sigmund Freud and no one guessed I was a Freudian Slip.)

DESPITE THE FACT that the South Side I.C.E. Theatres abruptly closed last week, the I.C.E. Chatham remains open to host filmmaker Mark Harris’ Friday, Oct. 26 Englewood Film Festival Opening Night Film Screening and Reception of Bernie Mac’s “I Ain’t Scared of You. I.C.E. Chatham doors will be open for the film festival Saturday and Sunday.

CINEMATOGRAPHER PETE BIAGI has been on the campaign trail since July, shooting political spots non-stop on behalf of national and local candidate clients of Chicago’s three biggest and busiest political consultancies:  David Axelrod’s former firm AKP Media, Adelstein Liston and new Snyder-Pickeril. 

Last week, in fact, Snyder Pickeril delivered 150 spots to air on behalf of state candidates, says Biagi, who primarily shoots for Democratic candidates.

BIG/LITTLE SCREEN ACTION.  Dennis Leary’s USA Network half-hour comedy pilot “Sirens” is now filming mostly in the Loop through Oct. 27.  The story follows three of Chicago’s EMIs very different and dysfunctional personalities, but who are qualified to save anyone unlucky enough to wind up in their ambulances.

EPs Leary and Bob Fisher (“Wedding Crashers) co-wrote the pilot, which Victor Nelli (“Happy Endings,” “Ugly Betty”) directs.

It stars Michael Mosley (“30 Rock,” “Pan Am”), Kevin Daniels (“Modern Family”), Jessica McNamee (“The Vow”) and Kevin Bigley (“Game Change”).

*Showtime’s Chicago-set “Shameless,” starring William H. Macy who got his start in Chicago theatre, is in town getting ready for Nov. 5-12 local exterior pickup shots.

TWO FAMILIAR “BOSS” ACTORS, Francis Guinan and Christian Sholte (who also has a recurring role in “Chicago Fire”) star in writer/director George Zwierz’ forthcoming second season of “Guys Book Club” web series.  The story is about how the members plan a bank heist as the fastest way to save their book club condo. Zwierz is currently at The Onion editing one of its upcoming web series.

NOT THE BEST ANNIVERSARY.  On Black Friday, Oct. 28 last year Roscor, the Midwest’s largest AV reseller, shuttered its sales and rental department after more than 30 years of business and laid off all 130 employees.  

Fortunately, almost immediately job offers began pouring in from AV companies throughout the US.  Many relocated quickly within the area and still others departed for good jobs in other markets. 

On the same Black Friday, Detroit’s 25-year old Grace & Wild terminated 80 staffers, saying the company was going to be based on a “model of freelance,” but that didn’t work out either and the company closed shortly thereafter.

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