Cutters’ Chris Claeys catches Konerko’s killer slam sitting in “home run alley”

Cutters’ owner/editor Chris Claeys is Chicago’s man of the hour. Maybe even a tiny footnote to White Sox history. The possessor of one of the most valuable mementoes of major league baseball.

He caught the ball Paul Konerko grand slammed into left field Sunday night to give the Sox the lead over the Houston Astros.

And so he was serendipitously positioned to catch Konerko’s grand slam, the 18th grand slam in World Series history.

The ball sailed over to left field to where Claeys was in the right place at the right time. “I caught it with two hands, sort of standing in the aisle. It came into my hands. I didn’t have to dive for it,” said Claeys, who had shoulder surgery (ouch) a week ago.

“People around were so excited. Pandemonium broke out on a positive level. They were beating on me, bear-hugging me, congratulating me for catching it. Everyone wanted a picture of me and the ball,” said Claeys.

He caught the ball Paul Konerko grand slammed into left field Sunday night that nailed Game Two of the World Series.

“I’m having a blast,” said Claeys, cheerfully high with excitement over catching the magical ball and the burst of media attention that began at 3 a.m. Monday with non-stop phone calls from all over the country.

Claeys and his three buddies, Burnett executive producer David Moore, art director Jim Furrh and Akers making the transition to director, have season tickets. They rotate seats for each game and Sunday night Claeys had the lucky aisle seat. “In home run alley,” he chuckled.