Courageous cameramen capture The Ledge

Hanging in space to tape The Ledge on the Willis Tower Sky Deck was definitely not a gig for acrophobiacs, says Josh Reichlin of 3to1 Studios, whose crew was suspended 103 stories above Wacker Dr. to capture The Ledge experience.

“Our mission was primarily to shoot reverse shots outside of the Ledge,” says Reichlin, and also inside The Ledge for reactions and interactions with intrepid sightseers.

To obtain the spectacular shots of The Ledge, DP Kevin Moss of Beverly Ridge Pictures, who operated the Red One, and first AC Hunter Whalen were strapped into window-washing rigs.

The rigs were operated vertically by a building engineer who was at The Ledge, which is a series of three enclosed glass boxes that jut 4.3-ft. away from the building.

The window-washing apparatus sits on the roof of the 1,450-ft. building, the tallest in North America and the third tallest in the world.

Whalen admitted he was scared when the building engineer maneuvered the rig away from the Tower and into space. But as the rig moved up-and-down in Spiderman mode, he adjusted to the sensation.