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Since I broke into advertising in the early 90’s, the ongoing conversation has always been about breaking through clutter. Every brand asked for it then. Now, they demand it or you’re quickly booted.

The idea of getting noticed and making noise becomes an even more daunting task when the brand comes to yourself. Typically, creatives are amazing at promoting services and goods, but when it comes to ourselves, not so much.

The truth is, self-promotion is a bitch.

Compound that with the hurdles we now face as seasoned advertising creatives whose rates are (far too many times) deemed too high, the task becomes even more imposing. Personally, I would rather go back to bed, eat Oreos and watch Anderson Cooper. They’re Vegan. He’s not.

Scroll down Linkedin or Fishbowl posts, you’ll see the same story over and over – Seasoned creatives, with proven talent, results and awards, not getting hired. They are passed over many times for their lack of specific experience with a particular product or industry or for someone far more inexperienced who will work through the night for a cheaper rate and Jack-in-the-Box.

So, what do we do in an age of ageism to get ourselves noticed?

Former Chicago freelance ACD/Copywriter Shelton Scott has elevated self-promotion to a new level. Scott, who now resides in New York, but spent many years at DDB Chicago, Burrell and Saatchi X, has crafted an attention-grabbing campaign that takes its inspiration from black film icon Shaft.

Yeah, John Shaft, that bad mutha–

Called “Shelton Says,” the tongue in cheek social campaign, photographed by former Chicago creative Davett Williams and art directed by Creative Director Dan Bogosh, features Scott in various poses around New York with “laugh your ass off” kind of headlines such as, “Ever see a creative brief get pimp slapped?” or “Likely to open a creative can of whoop A#$.” Take a look below:

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When asked what drove him to do this, Scott replied, “To stay sane. Things have been slow lately and I needed to do something. For years, people have been saying that I look like Samuel L. Jackson. There happens to be a new Shaft movie coming out in June 2019. The idea was to take advantage of these two things, have some fun and hopefully get some work.”

Scott says that he is now in the editing process of a short video he has shot which features a brief dance number set to the iconic Shaft theme. For now, we will have to laugh (and hopefully hire) this “Bad, bold and bald” writer’s posts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

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   Creative Director/Copywriter: Shelton Scott
   Creative Director/Art Director: Dan Bogosh
   Photographer: Davett Williams
   Poster Photographer: Nathaniel Parsons

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