Cooper’s Coffee is growing a network of good taste

The staff at Reel Chicago and Reel 360 are hooked on Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee and Cooper’s is offering our readers an exclusive 40% discount!

Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee helps javaficionados satisfy their taste for joe while saving money. Besides offering a global selection of beans that are roasted on demand, the company boasts a referral program that can add up to an exponential number of discounts.

First, the coffee. They don’t roast the bean until you place the order.

Founder Tim Smith sampled several roasters before selecting one in California and one in Chicago that keep their beans green until they’re ready to ship. Smith based the decision on an unshakable regard for freshness. 

“If you open a big can of coffee, it loses its flavor,” Smith says. “I didn’t want that to happen.”

They don’t roast the bean until you place the order

If decaf is your thing, Cooper’s Peru Decaf is Certified Organic, gully washed and dried in the sun, and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process.

Cooper’s selections include beans from traditional coffee-growing countries like Columbia, Ethiopia and Honduras as well as varieties from places like Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, and Peru. They are available in single-serve pods, 12-ounce to 12-pound bags and sampler packs that Smith describes as “the most popular seller.”

“We offer a Best Sellers pack, a Flavored Coffee pack, and a Single Origin pack of flavors from around the world,” he continues. “The sample packs contain individual packets that each make ten cups of coffee.” 

Gourmet flavors like Cinnabun, Cowboy Blend, Gourmet Donut Shop, and Pumpkin Spice

USE THE CODE 40REELS for an exclusive Reel Chicago 40% discount on Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee!

Club Cooper 

Before completing purchases online, customers can choose from whole bean to espresso ground and select a specific shipping method. The process achieves another important Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee goal. 

“I wanted contactless ordering, payment and delivery,” says Smith. “Our coffee arrives at your door within a few days, fresh and direct from the roaster.” 

Reel Chicago customers receive a 40% discount and a Club Cooper membership, which offers potentially unlimited discounts.  


“For every dollar you spend, you get a point,” says Smith. “When you hit a hundred points, you get a ten-dollar gift certificate. Then we provide a special code for friends who purchase coffee.”

When the friends start purchasing coffee, the person who referred them receives a point for every dollar they spend. Smith’s own family members are among those who have taken advantage of the benefits.

“My brother bought some coffee, so I give him the code,” Smith says. “Then my sister-in-law bought with his code and, after she bought, I gave her a code to give to a friend.” 

And who doesn’t love chocolate?

Smith, who is also a real estate developer and executive producer, likes to drink two or three cups on weekdays and something special on the weekends. “On Saturday, my wife and I had mocha,” he says. “It’s very chocolaty.”

Where did they get their name?

Smith named the company after his dog, Cooper, a dachshund rescue turned fashion icon.

“He’s got to be around either my wife or me all the time,” says Smith. “That’s fine, because we really enjoy being around him.”

Customers can also get to know Cooper by wearing the t-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, and tank tops adorned with his image, available from the website’s Official Merchandise store.

USE THE CODE 40REELS for an exclusive Reel Chicago 40% discount on Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee!

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