Comedy web portal series on tap

Producer Nilesh Kamath

A COMEDY WEB PORTAL called “Fooblik” is being built by Kamath “Kayenn” Nilesh of Argeli Vicar. The production team is producing the series “Fooblik News Network” and “Day Job,” and they’re developing a “quasi-docu” series.  

The production team includes director/editor Brin Hill, James Vozella and Tony Lentino from Laugh Out Loud Theater in Schaumburg, and writer/actors Briana Hanson, R.J. Thieneman, Erin Breen, Alex Thompson and Dan Bush. 

Nilesh is shopping “Fooblik” for celebrity cameos and Silicon Valley investors. 

RICHARD T. CELENZA of Sorelosers Productions is producing D. Aaron Hunter’s thriller “Crockdale”in Orlando.  Lauren Gower stars as a teen whose late father is suspected in a series of child disappearances.

Sorelosers is also developing the animated series, “Greaseballs,” a family comedy about the proprietors of a popular Chicago Italian restaurant.  And they’re making the short high school thriller “Bad Girl.”

ROBIN CHRISTIAN PETERS of Dreamscape Cinema is raising finishing funds for his family sci-fi feature “My Dog the Space Traveler,” which shot around Champaign-Urbana last summer.  

It’s about “a young boy [who] loses his dog to an anomaly in his backyard, which leads to another dimension of our universe,” Peters says.  

“He must rely on his dysfunctional family, and possibly his small town, to get the dog back and close the portal before it creates a rift that might destroy both universes.”

Logan Borsari, Chris Lemmon, Tonja Walker and Phillip Van Lear star.  DP is Tony Nako.

Dreamscape’s “Sheeba” (2004) is distributed by Questar (domestic) and Artist View (international), and their Disconnect (2005) is out from Osiris Entertainment (domestic) and Porchlight (international).

Aimee Garcia in "Go For It"LIONSGATE WILL RELEASE Carmen Marron’s inspirational dance drama, “Go For It!” in theaters nationwide this May. Based in L.A., Marron was inspired by her own experience as a Chicago street dancer.

Aimee Garcia stars as a community college students trying to beat the odds for a spot in an exclusive L.A. dance school.  It premiered last October in the Chicago International Film Festival.

KATHE TELINGATOR, a former literary/theatrical agent and “Stories on Stage” producer, is producing and directing the documentary “Under One Roof,” about the relationship between white families and their African American housekeepers in Columbus, Ohio from the 1950s through the ‘70s.

Kiana Harris in "Separation Anxiety"COLE SIMON of Glass City Films won best director at the Trail Dance Film Festival for his dramatic feature 
“Separation Anxiety.”  

Tyler Seiple and Kiana Harris star as young adults returning to their hometown after the sudden death of their high school friend (Corbin Jones).  

Glass City previously took the best drama prize at Trail Dance in 2009 for the company’s eponymously titled debut feature “Glass City.”

“Separation Anxiety” and Glass City’s other current feature “Happily After” screen March 4 at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in Norte Dame, Indiana, and also play the River Bend Film Festival, April 1-2 in South Bend.