Comedy sitcom pilot screens May 21 at ComedySportz


THE PILOT, “LIFE SUPPORT,” a sitcom about a support group for people in support groups, starring some of Chicago’s funniest stand-ups, actors, and improvisers screens at May 21 at ComedySportz Chicago  from 8-10 p.m.

“Life Support” was written by Dale Zawada, Ryan Budds, and Chris Sowa; directed and edited by Michael Sanchez.

Cast includes Dale Zawada, Jay Washington, Angela Vela, Joe Red, Joyce Porter, Joe McAdam, Cynthia Levin, Mike Lebovitz, Amy Gorelow, Megan Gailey, Kate Froehlich, Jamie Campbell, Ryan Budds, KT O’Loughlin, Tim Grimes, Thomas Fleischmann, Blake Buczkiewicz, Mr. Briggs, and Jesse Baltes.

Preceding the screening will be a special 100 proof Stand-Up Comedy showcase featuring the cast and crew of Life Support. Admission is $10.

“THE CATASTROPHE,” a short film by Michael Glover Smith that won Best Dramatic Short Film at the Illinois International Film Festival, screens May 22 at the 14th annual Incubator Film at the Original Mother’s on Division Street.

The drama/mystery is loosely based on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story, “Mr. Higginbotham’s Catastrophe” about a modern man who may have sold his soul to a multinational corporate.

Hosts are award-winning comic book creators and filmmakers Matt Kubinski and Charles Klein. Free admission and drink specials.

ORBITZ WORLDWIDE, the Chicago-based online travel company, has partnered with award-winning travel show producer Richard Bangs to produce a new “Quest Series” for PBS, calling it “the ultimate in branded entertainment and TV and web integration.” 

Postproduction and editing of the hourlong episodes of “South America: Quest for Wonder” are underway, visiting South America  destinations including Easter Island, the Iguacu Falls, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands.

Bangs is said to be handling the series production, instead of “Quest Series” long-term production company, Small World Productions of Seattle.

In conjunction with the shows, will develop a dedicated microsite associated with each of the episodes.  They will feature trip planning information and recommendations about the destinations highlighted by Bangs.

WTTW’S TWO PRODUCTION ENTITIES are consolidating their respective resources into one.  WTTW National Productions is being combined with WTTW11 Local Productions to form WTTW Productions, reported Rob Feder of Time Out.

A station spokesperson said the single unit would be more productive under one umbrella in terms of program development and underwriting purposes.

WTTW Productions will be headed jointly by Parke Richeson, who runs national SVP WTTW National Productions, and Dan Soles, SVP/ chief television content officer.

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