Cohon’s AF100 camera fits the bill for a variety of projects

AF100 shooter Jonathan Cohon

Jonathan Cohon has been getting a lot of mileage out of his recently acquired Panasonic AF100. He has completed corporate and narrative projects shot on the 4/3 sensor HD camcorder and has a TV reality pilot in the works.

Cohon, of JHC Productions, recently shot an internal project for Marketing Drive on the AF100. “The AVCHD codec worked in Final Cut with the usual ease,” says Mark Ziekert of ShiftZ, producer/editor of the Marketing Drive shoot.

“I got ProRes 4:2:2 files from Jonathan at 1080p.  Usually with other new pieces of gear, you know what it does after a few projects.  It’s thrilling that we’re all going to spend a lot of time exploring what the camera can do,” Cohon says.

“Jonathan brought a professional, well-integrated team from camera, to sound, to Mark’s editing,” says Marketing Drive VP Brad Black.  “We look forward to working with them again.”

Cohon also provided the AF100 and operated for DP Patrick Charles for Why Woman Why?, a short film by Joel Parks of JFP Media, using Red prime lenses from Daufenbach Camera.

“The budget was tight and production couldn’t afford a Red,” Charles says.  “I needed a camera that could give me the cinema-style quality images, the ability to use film lenses and flexibility in post. The AF100 fit the bill.”

“The media was ready to be imported directly and we were able to start editing immediately,” says Why Woman Why? editor Alex Kogan of DKP Media.

“In addition to ease of use, the footage looked great—very sharp and crisp with very little visible compression artifacting.  Playback never stuttered or dropped frames and cutting was easy as could be.”

Coming up on April 12, Cohon shoots a green screen sales presentation for PC Tech produced by End User Media.  End User owner Reynard Allison is working with Cohon to develop a web series based on Cohon’s Debt of the Heart, best dramatic short winner at the Bare Bones Film Festival.

Cohon is also shooting an untitled reality pilot for stylist AJ Johnson and the staff of Johnsons’ Ajes Salon in the West Loop.

“The show is not just about the interpersonal dramas that occur, it’s also about chasing the perfection we each have within us,” Cohon says.

“It will follow AJ through styling photo sessions, in the salon, and on the road.”

JHC Productions is at 2829 N. Lyndale; phone, 773/418-4528.