Cineverse bows as successor to Fletcher Cameras

By Ruth L Ratny

It’s official. Cineverse is the bright new name of what had been VER Digital since its purchase of 28 year old Fletcher Cameras last January.  The new name is the brainchild of VP Tom Fletcher and appears over the door of Cineverse offices in LA, New Orleans and Miami, with New York ahead later this year.

Film rental house Cineverse, as VP Tom Fletcher describes it, “is basically Fletcher Cameras with a new name, with all the high level service, attention and equipment that film crews expect when working with a camera company.”

Adds VER’s LA-based founder/president Vince Dundee, “We offer unequaled technological innovation and production tools expertise, to service movies, television and commercials, regardless of the scope of production.”


Cineverse VP Tom FletcherNew to Cineverse and Chicago is innovative camera technology from Pace, new division headed by three-time Academy Award winning cinematographer Vince Pace.

The newly-christened company remains at Fletcher’s Goose Island building at 1000 N. Branch. “We stayed in our location in response to popular demand of our customers, who liked our location, the parking, the ease of loadind and unloading,” Fletcher says.

“Our staff of 12 remains intact and we kept our rental production offices.”

Remodeling, at a cost of $100,000, is underway to improve some of the rooms, add doorways to ease the flow and lay new carpeting in selected areas for the first time.

Cineverse is seeking tenants to share its 18,000-sq. ft. building. Part of the space was vacated with the departure of Fletcher Sports, a separate Fletcher-owned sports camera company that was not part of the VER purchase, to offices in Burr Ridge.