Chicago’s late, great editor Yamus recognized

Some years ago, spot editor Yamus (real name Jim Mudra) was working on a PSA spot. The footage involved many children and atmospheres, related his friend and colleague Red Car editor Bob Carr.

After reviewing the footage, Yamus called the copywriter and said he’d found a single 30-second take that was perfect. “You don’t need an editor,” he said. “The magic was captured in this one take.”

Called “the consummate craftsman,” Yamus will be inducted into the AICE’s Hall of Fame during the 9th annual AICE Awards Show, May 20 at the Field Museum.

The honor comes “not just that his work helped define what Chicago advertising was all about in the ?80s and ?90s,” says Carr, “but we’re also acknowledging the role he played in our community” as an inspiration and a mentor.

Among the spots Yamus edited were numerous Clio winners for such brands as Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch Beer, Michelob, McDonald’s, Hallmark and United?all mainstays of the Chicago agency scene, emanating from agencies such as Leo Burnett, DDB Needham and FCB.

Cutters founder Tim McGuire said when he was a young editor, he looked up to Yamus and held him in high regard for his creativity. “I studied his work and tried to emulate his style. He was a quiet, unassuming talent with a great feel for storytelling. His work spoke for itself.

“I looked at his work and learned from it. I respected his no-sweat, no-problem approach to the business. He’d said, ?changes and problems are a part of the job and you just keep going.’ That’s the type of guy he was.”

Yamus died in September, 2005 at the age of 62, after a two-year battle with squamous cell cancer.

He was characterized by his signature “whatever,” said Carr. “That’s how he dealt with life’s trials.” Added