Chicagoans convene Sunday at Sundance posh party

SOME 200 GUESTS, including many Chicagoans, are expected to attend Brenda Sexton’s annual Sundance party Sunday night that she is hosting at the magnificent private home of Crystal and Chuck Maggelett, owners of Flying J, a major gas company out West.

Among the attendees are ABC’s Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez and former CBS anchor Diann Burns; Columbia College’s Dr. Warrick Carter; Northern Trust’s CEO John Brazzale; investment advisor Byron Trott; Garrett Popcorn CEO Lance Chody; Rockit club owner Billy Dec; NBC fitness celebrity Andrea Metcalf; financial adviser Les Coney; IFO director Betsy Steinberg; attorneys Corky Kessler and Randy Crumpton; director director Alex Hyde White (“Adventures of Tintin”), filmmakers Ben Berkowitz, Kuba and Kinga Luczkiewicz and Cindy Cowan; actors Julie Berman (“General Hospital”), Pooja Batra (former Miss India), Caroline Lagerfelt (“Gossip Girls”) and many other L.A. based studio execs, actors and filmmakers.     

Party sponsors are the Radisson Aqua Blu hotel, Garrett Popcorn, Eli’s Cheesecake and Stella Artois.

ANOTHER CHICAGO EVENT at Sundance: “Monday on Main Street,” a more casual noon to 2 p.m. reception at Park City’s Butcher’s Chophouse.  Co-hosts are Midwest Independent Film Festival, Daufenbach Camera, the IPA, Fletcher Camera, Potenza Productions, Shoot Santa Fe, Smashcut screenplay contest, Pascal Rudnicke Casting, Teletech, CIMM, Movie Trax,, The World’s Best Food and Butcher’s.

THANKS TO TALENT AGENT LINDA JACK for identifying the smooth voice on the new Illinois Lottery Powerball spot from commonground agency featured in Lewis Lazare’s recent column.  It was actor and Chicago native Harry Lennix, cast by Grossman Jack talent agency. 

BEN HOLLIS A HIT IN FRANCE? The creator of “Wild Chicago” that aired on Ch. 11 for years created an online video series of “Wild Berwyn,” for the Berwyn Development Corp.’s website.

“As the show was in production,” Hollis tells the Reel, “I received an Email from Channel 5 in Paris, France. They’d learned of my WILD style of production and wanted to shadow me, to produce a piece for their popular show in France.”  

Hollis shot these pieces himself, including cutaways of himself. “The French crew found that fascinating,” he says, “although they were not so eager to have their management get too excited about adopting the wild style back home.  (‘You mean we can produce zeeze storees wiz only one person?  Mon dieu!’)

“No subtitles! They’ll put a French voice in my mouth!”

Hollis says the show will air in Europe in March and be available online shortly thereafter.

A VERY DIFFERENT PORTRAIT of Ogilvy & Mather founder David Ogilvy was conceived by art director Brian Thibodeau and copywriter Bill Wane.  Forgot tempera or oils.  The medium was push pins.

Everyone at the agency chipped in and 33,000 push pins, in red, yellow, blue, black and white were used.  See it on YouTube.

SAG/AFTRA MEMBERS will convene Sunday, Jan. 29 at Sub 51 on Hubbard St. for the SAG Awards Viewing Party, where door prizes include Comedy Sports Theatre tickets, Lettuce Entertain You gift cards, a month’s membership at the Chicago Athletic Club location of the winner’s choice and a lot more.

Then, Monday, Jan. 30, AFTRA members convene for the annual membership meeting at the Kaufherr Center starting at 5 p.m. social hour and the business meeting with a special guest at 6 p.m.

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