“Chicago Med” sure sounds like it’s going to happen

“Chicago Med,” the talked about third panel of Dick Wolf’s popular “Chicago” triptych, is looming as a sure thing as seven new characters will be introduced in “Chicago Fire.”

As the Reel reported early on, the potential spinoff will air Feb. 28 as “Fire’s” 19th episode and focus on characters who work at the Chicago Medical hospital. They will be integrated into “Fire” the same way that the “Chicago PD” spinoff was introduced.

For the upcoming episode, “Chicago Fire” is currently casting for seven guest star roles with a series option, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

• A new candidate for a Chicago fireman in his 20s.

• A reformed alcoholic and fireman whose humor covers his demons, described as a brooding and mysterious guy in his 30s or early 40s.

• Nurse Kayla Goodwin, a smart girl who went to school with Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide and is his potential love interest.

• A new doctor (male or female) who could anchor the medical show and potentially serve as the head of psychiatry.

• A head of pediatrics (male or female)

• An admissions nurse (male or female)

• A female paramedic described as dirty and edgy and not the all-American blonde type.

Claire Simon has been casting both “Chicago” shows.

“Chicago Fire” and “PD” creator Dick Wolf told Crain’s last year he likes filming on location in Chicago because, “It’s a real city with real people. The locations are authentic and the talent pool is outstanding.”

“The city is a character unto itself, much like New York city in all the ‘Law & Order’-branded series. Chicago has a unique look and we try to capture the beauty of the city on film.”