Chicago-made ‘Flavor of Poland’ airs on WTTW

Flavor of Poland, a new culinary travel series about Poland, is currently airing on WTTW Channel 11. The first, full television series to focus exclusively on Poland in the history of American media, the show provides a deeper look into Polish history, culture and culinary heritage.

Chicago-based production company Independent Film Factory Inc. — together with WTTW (Window to the World), one of the leading APT stations from Chicago —jointly developed the program formula that would best promote Poland in the USA.

Flavor of Poland presents Poland as a country with European class and style, open and welcoming, focused on modernity and progression, while at the same time honoring its rich culture and national heritage.

The aim of the program is to show a positive image of Poland in America and to establish the great accomplishments of Poland and its people. Flavor of Poland will show a Poland where hundreds of years of history lie carefully conserved among modernity and innovation.



Audiences of Polish descent (1st, 2nd and 3rd generations) are of particular importance to the series’ producers, as, for these viewers, the program is a sentimental journey to the country of their ancestors, strengthening their ties and the sense of identity and belonging to the Polish ethnic group in the US, which is estimated to be 10 million people.

A reminder of “Polish flavors,” a walk across the individual regions of the Republic of Poland, showcasing its beautiful cities and breathtaking landscapes, a show of beauty and tradition will attract this group of viewers to their television sets, and create an incentive to visit Poland.

Flavor of Poland viewers are taken on this unique journey back to Poland by its host, Aleksandra August, an American actress of Polish decent, raised in the US with Polish traditions.

August returns to her native country to uncover her roots and attempt to answer all the questions her American friends have always asked her about Poland. In each episode she takes viewers to a new region of Poland where she uncovers the charm of the local culture and discovers the secrets of the region’s cuisine.

Now they are sure that Flavor of Poland will satisfy even the most demanding tastes of American Public Television viewers.

The APT/PBS thematic programs present and promote the history, culture, tourism, customs and cuisines of various parts of the world in over 350 local stations across the US. Flavor of Poland is now another program among that vast library, watched by millions of Americans.

To view the schedule of upcoming Flavor of Poland episodes on WTTW, click here.

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