Chicago Fire: What we can expect in the Season 10 premiere

After a long summer, the One Chicago shows Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. come roaring back beginning September 22nd for the new season.

Among the most anticipated returns is Chicago Fire, which kicks off Season 10 this Wednesday. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting to discover if our team will survive the boat accident or if anyone will perish.

The rumor mills have been churning all summer, attempting to discern if Taylor Kinney’s character, Severide will survive based on whether or not his contract was renewed, but the One Chicago cast and crew have successfully managed to keep the summer spoiler free. 

In one of the most shocking and suspenseful season finale cliffhangers ever, the man they were rescuing and all four of our Chicago Fire heroes Severide (Taylor Kinney), Cruz (Joe Minoso), Capp (Randy Flagler) and Tony (Anthony Ferraris) were trapped in a sinking boat, underwater without air, as the rest of 51 watched from the shore in horror.

Just in time to get us all “fired” up for the season premiere, Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide) and David Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann) spoke with CinemaBlend about the cliffhanger and some goodbyes they’ve had to say over the years.

When CinemaBlend asked what it was like to film the watery cliffhanger in the spring and then pick it up again for Season 10, Kinney shared:

“It was a doozy. I mean, we spent a lot of time in the water. And not to give the magic away, but because some of these… I mean, that was always exciting when I was a kid and I’d watch movies and I would see things, then get to do what I do. And seeing the behind-the-scenes and the little intricacies of how things work. We put so much time into little blips on the radar, so to speak, of what goes on, what the audience sees on the screen. So it’s hats off to everybody we worked with. We have an underwater camera operator, this guy Pete, who came out from L.A. to shoot all these scenes and we were in the water in Lake Michigan and in a pool, and we spent a lot of time underwater. So you can shoot for twelve hours a day and then it may translate to a minute and a half, maybe less than two minutes on the screen. But it looks amazing. And I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. It’s, you know, I’m living the dream.”

According to Kinney, there was some TV magic going on in filming the water emergency cliffhanger, but it did still involve spending some time in Chicago’s own Great Lake as well as a pool. And since Chicago doesn’t exactly have the warmest winters in the world, Lake Michigan back in the spring had to be a frigid place to take a swim.

CinemaBlend asked Taylor Kinney if it was a bit warmer in Lake Michigan for the second half of filming to start Season 10, and he confirmed that the lake gets “darn cold,” but not the coldest that he’s felt in that body of water. Kinney and David Eigenberg shared that they’ve gone into Lake Michigan for the Polar Plunge charity event for Special Olympics, which means plunging into a Great Lake in February rather than April. They elaborated on what it’s like as Chicago Fire actors when it comes to filming water scenes. Or, as Eigenberg amusingly explained, not filming water scenes.

David Eigenberg: “Yeah, it gets cold. The water is, you know, it can only go to 32 degrees, because you know what it is after that, right? Ice. It’s ice. So, but these guys, these guys got cold.”

Taylor Kinney: “Yeah, it’s freezing.”

David Eigenberg: “I said, ‘I don’t do any underwater stunts.’ Like, they wanted me, but I knew they were going to kill me. So that’s how you avoid dying on the show. You just say ‘I’m not going to do that scene’ and then they can’t kill you.”

Eigenberg has had to say goodbye to a lot of cast members whose characters met their fates. In the CinemaBlend interview Eigenberg turned his joke about not filming death scenes into a reflection on the goodbyes that have been said to the actors whose characters have been killed off:

“You never know on this show! They’re dropping. They drop, they kill, they disappear. But you know, it’s always heartbreak when somebody does go, and I’m not gonna say anything about any[thing], but we’ve had nothing but beautiful moments of longing and sadness whenever someone has left the show. And I hope that I have that when I’m gone.”

What can we expect from the season 10 premiere?

Chicago Fire (and its sister shows, Chicago PD and Chicago Med) is notorious for keeping its cast exits under wraps and has never been afraid to write out lead characters over the years.

In keeping with the “no spoiler” theme, we will not be sharing any spoilers, BUT we CAN tell you what will be resolved in the upcoming premiere:

Who survives the boat accident?
We can say with confidence that you will definitely know who lives and who dies in the season premiere, we just won’t say who!

Will Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) accept the position of deputy district chief?
His decision will be announced in the premiere episode

What’s next for Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer)?
Remember, Jesse Spencer has not publicly confirmed if his contract has been renewed. We will see where their relationship evolves in the season premiere and whether or not they have the support of their crew.

Will there be a baby shower?
We have to see if Cruz survives the boat accident!

Will there be major changes?
It seems that there could be HUGE changes, but those involved are doing everything in their power to mitigate those changes and it may not all be resolved in one episode.

Will our heroes go to any calls or will the episode focus on resolving the cliff hanger?
YES! The team will go out to a potentially dangerous situation where something suspenseful, frightening, and unexpected happens. 

Will Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) get transferred?
Maybe? Maybe not!

One thing is for certain, there WILL absolutely be at least one surprise!

Find out what happens on Chicago Fire after the Season 9 cliffhanger and whether anymore goodbyes had to be said with the Season 10 premiere on Wednesday, September 22 at 8 PM CST on NBC, right in between the Season 7 premiere of Chicago Med at 7 PM CST and the Season 9 premiere of Chicago P.D. at 9 PM CST

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