“Chicago P.D.” star to host tonight’s BMAs

LaRoyce Hawkins

LaRoyce Hawkins

Awards season continues and if it’s December, it’s time for the 13th annual Best of the Midwest Independent Film Awards, aka “The BMAs.”

If you are like Miriam and living on Mars and were not aware of the BMAs, the awards celebrate the finest in Midwest filmmaking, selected from an exceptional slate of films screened throughout the year at the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

Today, the festival announced that Chicago P.D. star LaRoyce Hawkins will host 2017 Best of the Midwest Awards tonight, the Midwest Independent Film Festival announced today.

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“We are absolutely thrilled that LaRoyce Hawkins is the Emcee of the 2017 Best of the Midwest Awards! He nailed our run thru this afternoon, our BMA guests are in for a real treat! What a great way to wrap up the 2017 Midwest Independent Film Festival. We can’t wait to celebrate tonight with all the nominees and guests,” said Mike Kwielford, interim director of MIFF.

Other guests include veteran Chicago Fire and Oz actor, Eamonn Walker, Illinois Film Office Director, Rich Moskal, and Monica Raymund from Chicago Fire.

Leading this pack of nominees are the films The View from Tall, directed by Erica Weiss & Caitlin Parrish (writer, Supergirl), Signature Move, directed by Jennifer Reeder, and Tanya, a stunning directorial debut by Raymund.

The event will kick off with a Red Carpet and cocktail reception. The BMA celebration will take place at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema, 2828 N. Clark Street in Chicago. The awards begin at 8 p.m., followed by a 9 p.m. after party at in the Century Bar.

The BMA nominees

Best Music Video:
   HOT SHIT, directed by Andre Muir for Towkio
   LSD, directed by Sam Bailey for Jamilia Woods
   PULASKI AT NIGHT, directed by Natalie Morales for Andrew Bird
   SHAME, directed by Ashley Rockwood for Jess Godwin
   SPECIAL MOMENT, directed by Max Moore for Post Animal

Best Short Film:
   MIRIAM IS GOING TO MARS, directed by Michael Lippert
   RAP SKOOL, directed by Nnamdi Ngwe
   REKINDLED, directed by Erin Brown Thomas
   STARVING ARTISTS, directed by Jeff Hadick
   TANYA, directed by Monica Raymund

Best Actress
   Amanda Drinkall, THE VIEW FROM TALL
   Amy Pietz, HALFWAY
   Ann Sonneville, MIRIAM IS GOING TO MARS
   Fawzia Mirza, SIGNATURE MOVE
   Kiah McKirnan, TANYA

Best Actor
   Eamonn Walker, TANYA
   Michael Patrick Thornton, THE VIEW FROM TALL
   Nnambi Ngwe, RAP SKOOL
   Patrick Blanton, PRONOUNS
   Tim Lyons, GENTLE DAN

Best Editing
   Felix Piniero, SIGNATURE MOVE
   Jesse Roesler, FREEDOM RIDE
   Michael Paulucci, PRONOUNS
   Savannah Cannistraro, THE GOOD WORK

Best Cinematography
   Christopher Rejano, SIGNATURE MOVE
   Joel & Jesse Edwards, DUST TO DUST
   Stephanie Dufford, THE VIEW FROM TALL
   Tari Segal, TANYA

Best Animated Film
   SENATAUR, directed by Alec Pinkston
   DIE FLUCHT, directed by Carter Boyce
   WHERE IT FLOODS, directed by Joel Benjamin
   LINGUA ABSENTIA, directed by Kate Raney and Jeremy Bessoff
   OPEN CARRY, USA, directed by Ron Fleischer

Best Screenplay
   Ben Caird, HALFWAY
   Caitlin Parrish, THE VIEW FROM TALL
   Haroula Rose, LOST AND FOUND
   Terrence Thompson, DRIVE SLOW
   Tim Mason, DEJA VU

Best Director
   Erica Weiss and Caitlin Parrish, THE VIEW FROM TALL
   Jennifer Reeder, SIGNATURE MOVE
   Michael Lippert, MIRIAM IS GOING TO MARS
   Monica Raymund, TANYA
   Samantha Bailey, BROWN GIRLS

Best Feature Film
   DAVE MADE A MAZE, directed by Bill Watterson
   HALFWAY, directed by Ben Caird
   SIGNATURE MOVE, directed by Jennifer Reeder
   THE LEGEND OF SWEE PEA, directed by Benjamin May
   THE VIEW FROM TALL, directed by Erica Weiss and Caitlin Parris

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