Chicago Filmmakers pitch for $1MM Tribeca competition

Frame from "The Year Between" proof of concept

Frame from “The Year Between” proof of concept

The Year Between, a project written by Chicago filmmaker and comedian Alex Heller in development with Full Spectrum Features, will compete in AT&T Presents: Untold Stories, a live pitch event presented by AT&T and Tribeca Film Institute.

Five teams will compete to receive a $1 million to produce their film. The competition will take place in New York City, and will be streamed on Tribeca’s Facebook page April 11, 9:30am ET.

Writer / Director Alex Heller and Producer Eugene Sun Park will pitch The Year Between, a comedy that follows Clemence through an earth-shattering diagnosis of bipolar disorder and a subsequent year living in her parents’ basement. This will be Alex’s first feature film. Learn more about the project here.

A comedy about the year between an earth-shattering diagnosis of bipolar disorder and an earth-shattering comeback

Alex Heller (photo: Lio Mehiel)
Alex Heller (photo: Lio Mehiel)

Clemence quits college after people discover the homemade toilet in her dorm room. She needs help. So she heads to her childhood home in the suburbs to “heal,” while making her mom, dad, sister, and brother wonder, “Are we being punished?”

Through YouTube yoga, high school parties, and a tumor that threatens the person she needs most, Clemence finds reasons to grow the hell up.

An irreverent comedy about manic depression, cancer, and getting paid $8.75 an hour to fold shit. The Year Between shows mental illness not as a passive death sentence, but as an often-hilarious and generally-f—d up adventure.

AT&T Presents: Untold Stories is a celebration of diversity and inclusion in film. It gives an opportunity to the creative minds who need a platform to tell their unique stories,” said Fiona Carter, AT&T Chief Brand Officer. “We are honored once again to shine a light on brilliant filmmakers.”

Eugene Sun Park (photo: Joe Mazza / Brave Lux)
Eugene Sun Park (photo: Joe Mazza / Brave Lux)

In addition to receiving $1 million, the winning film will have its world premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and stream on AT&T’s video platform.

Amy Hobby, executive director of Tribeca Film Institute, said “In addition to launching the winning team, the program provides high level exposure to industry, as well as guidance and mentorship to inform the long careers ahead for these talented storytellers.”

Full Spectrum Features is is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to increasing diversity in the media arts by producing, exhibiting, and supporting the work of women, LGBTQ, and minority filmmakers.