Chicago filmmaker releases feature length sci-fi adventure

Exodus, picked up by Gravitas Ventures

From Gravitas Ventures, Cinestone’s newest feature film, Exodus, is in the realm of sci-fi adventure with hints of thriller elements and post-apocalyptic themes.

Throughout the film we follow Connor (Jimi Stanton), an enforcer in a small town several years after the rapture. When he discovers a VHS tape painting the image of a door to paradise, he questions his allegiance to the town and leaves to pursue a portal to salvation.

The film was directed by Logan Stone, written by Logan Stone and Andrew Arcos, and produced by Erica Duffy, Logan Stone, and James McKinney.

sci-fi adventure

The film stars Jimi Stanton, Janelle Snow, Charles Andrew Gardner, Keith Jardine, James McKinney, Hannah Kloepfer, Zachary Gossett, Dan Gonón, Grace Barnes, and David Leonard.

Filmmaker Logan Stone had always been interested in the visual arts from a young age. He attended the Mary Institute Country Day School in Saint Louis, Missouri. After graduating he attended business school at Southern Methodist University, and then studied visual communications and film theory at DePaul University in Chicago.

After graduating, in 2013 he founded Cinestone, and began shooting and directing a variety of projects such as short films, music videos, commercials, and feature films. A few other projects of Stone’s include Bloodlines, Want, Blue Notes, and Reset.

Exodus will be available on VOD starting March 19th, 2021. There is currently a pre-sale on Apple/iTunes where the film can be purchased here for $12.99.

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