Chicago Film Office begins issuing permits for filming


In the following statement, the Chicago Film Office announces that it will begin issuing permits for filming, with specific guidelines.

The City has indicated that Chicago’s key health metrics are on track to allow for a transition from Phase 2 (Stay at Home) to Phase 3 (Cautiously Reopen) in early June. This means that some of our department’s services will resume or increase operations when we transition into this next phase.

We are working to create specific guidance so that we can provide more details as to what services we will be able to provide either online or in-person in Phase 3. This will include details such as how to engage in healthy interactions between workers and residents, how to maintain safe working spaces and conditions and how to design and monitor workplace operations to create flexibility and further safety for employees and residents.

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Chicago Film Office will begin issuing Permits for Filming

The Chicago Film Office will begin issuing Permits for Filming starting June 15, 2020, on a case by case basis for crews limited to 10 people or fewer. Social Distancing Guidelines will be posted here soon. We are working with the Illinois Film Office to develop these guidelines further for when larger film production can resume safely. At this time, some support services from the City of Chicago may be limited.Please refer to the Chicago Department of Public Heath’s website,, for the latest local updates on the response to COVID-19.

Thank you for your interest in filming in Chicago. The following permit guidelines will help get you started:

  • Chicago Park DistrictNavy PierMillennium Park and the Chicago Transit Authority issue their own filming permits. Please note that B-roll restrictions and rates also vary according to property. Contact them directly for permit and B-roll guidelines.
  • News crews, documentaries, B-roll, and other low impact productions that do not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic typically do not require a permit. This does not apply to the aforementioned locations that have their own permit guidelines.
  • Permits are issued by the City of Chicago for filming on streets, sidewalks, alleys, and other public properties.
  • Permit fees are $250 per day/per location. For student films and independent projects that contact our office, the fee is $25 per day/per location upon verification.
  • Processing time is determined by the scope of the request – but all permits require a minimum of 3 full business days to process. Please plan accordingly.
  • Street closures, stunts, special effects, drones, and other high-impact logistics require additional time and review – a minimum of 10 full business days. Contact a Film Office representative to discuss feasibility.
  • Chicago Riverwalk permits require a minimum of 10 days to process. Peak season restrictions apply. Contact the Film Office for more details.

Permit Requirements: All must be submitted for permit approval

Step 1:  Online Permit Application and Payment

Step 2:  City Services Form*

Step 3:  Certificate of Insurance*

Step 4:  Community Notification Leaflet*

*Send the City Services Form, Certificate of Insurance, and Community Relations Notification Leaflet with a brief description of your project to

Please review the Code of Conduct and share with the crew. It is your responsibility to create a positive experience for Chicagoans and we look to you and your crew to be respectful and courteous to all. Please leave your location clean, making sure to remove all production signage and trash and always be respectful to the neighborhood.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

For further information visit the Chicago Film Office website

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