Chicago Casting Alert: Indie feature film ‘The Creep of Crooked Creek’

Reel Chicago received a Backstage Casting Alert for the Indie feature film: The Creep of Crooked Creek

Production Description

Casting The Creep of Crooked Creek, a small, independent, handheld-camera horror-comedy that leans hard towards cartoonish, 1970’s/1980’s Euro-horror.

Production states: “Although our story takes place in modern-day Chicago, the vibe and aesthetic of this project is reflective of the colorful, ridiculous, icky, and silly tone of thrillers prevalent during that specific era. Think lots of fishnets, eyeshadow, blood, synths, alleyways, and absurd occult antics and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what The Creep of Crooked Creek will be like, including plenty of satirical sociocultural subtext. All characters in this film are essentially criminals in the act of manipulating each other to some extant and all have their own agendas. No one is innocent but some characters are bigger baddies than others. Having good, campy fun with these roles is what we’ll need. Actors with a passion for comedy are highly encouraged to apply.”

Available roles:

Role: Brielle

ex-girlfriend of Lev, a charming z-list Chicago “crime lord” (he wishes). Current party girl, washed-up former cheerleader. frustrated, funny, a bit b*tchy. looking for love and a way out of her current situation.

Role: Lev

the leader of a z-list criminal syndicate called the Plum Pie Gang. Sweet, handsome, charming, shady, dumb. A himbo and gym bunny who’s gotten himself into a world that he wasn’t cut out for.

Role: Ronaldo

rich crime lord who is growing impatient with low-level competitors. Funds politicians. everyone is scared of him and probably should be.

Role: Terri

indulgent mother of Thadeus. She’s hippy, gothy, spacey, New Age-y. A bubblehead with a lot of heart and a lot of knowledge but has a dark side.

Role: Mayor of Chicago

dashing, good-looking, ruthless, floats above all the drama, and wins in the end whether he should or not.

Role: The Mayor’s Assistant

a sniveling brat who talks too much.

Role: Jaclyn Marie

the mayor’s campaign manager. This lady is a nightmare from hell. a deeply unpleasant person, very mean (and very funny)… probably a cokehead. Shady. Big hair, big glasses, big attitude. Bright red lipstick and nails.

Role: University Scientist

cold-hearted and calculating.

Role: Kayleigh

rando temporary roommate for lead characters, party girl, brat.

Role: Petty Criminals and News Reporters

small roles. Young and youngish guys, girls, everyone. They dress ridiculous, have big attitudes, and say sassy things.

Role: Assistant Scientist

another brat but this one is very close to getting his doctorate. Unfortunately he dies a terrible death before he gets there.

Seeking submissions from: Chicago, IL; Chicago, IL

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