Chicago To Cabo: Larry Sims launches new Bravo Show

Larry Sims and friends

Chicago native, and now Los Angeles resident, Larry Sims, has not taken a vacation in a long time. A really loooooong time.

And now thanks to his new Bravo Television reality series, Invite Only Cabo, “the hairstylist to the stars,” will finally get one — packed with Bravo-like drama and conflict with his guests.

Premiering May 14 on Bravo’s coveted Sunday night line-up, Invite Only Cabo features Larry and six of his closest friends, who do not know each other, and follows the hijinks that ensue when they take a luxury vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While Larry is the common thread who ties them together, they each have very different personalities and relationships with their “BFF.”

“I never wanted to do a hair show,” laughed Sims. “I had been approached before and it was always the same thing. I wanted to do something different.” Enter Jersey Shore producer Sallyann Salsano, of 495 Productions, who wanted to help Larry. “We had pitched a series together a few years back. Even though that didn’t take off, we always wanted to work together. And since I don’t get to see my friends that often, I thought here is a chance to go on vacation,” he added.

The vacation home in CaboWith betrayal and jealously lurking at every confrontation, keeping the peace for Larry will be no easy task. So, who’s causing all of this drama? There’s Kamani Alana, who met Larry 10 years ago when they were backup dancers for Missy Elliot. Bianca Banks has been “BFFs” with Larry for more than six years, but she may be hoping to become more than just friends in Cabo. Jermane Britton grew up with Larry in Chicago, and he’s never afraid to tell his “ride-or-die” exactly what he thinks.

Larry will also count on Emily Moses to be completely unpredictable, and this trip to Cabo will be no exception. Agu Ukaogo is Larry’s wingman back home, but in Cabo, he is one big flirt. And Malaku Quisada, who met Larry 15 years ago when they were dancers, is aways there to provide some calm in his bestie’s life.

Larry Sims

It’s quite the journey for the “Westside” kid who had no idea he wanted to style hair, let alone become one of Hollywood’s most sought after stylists. Before moving onto the likes of prepping celebrities including Gabrielle Union, Tracey Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington, and Ruth Negga, for the red carpet, Sims was a successful dancer touring with the likes of Missy Elliot and Blaque.

“I did movies. TV. Then I was able to tour with Missy and got to open for artists like N’Sync and TLC. I got to know all of the make-up artists and stylists and started to learn their secrets and processes. Then I started styling for the people I danced for,” he explained.

His breakout moment was working with Victoria Beckham and creating her “bob” which brought both international acclaim.

Despite the fame, Sims remains very “Chicago” in his heart. “I have a supportive family. I’m the only one who is in entertainment. It’s nice when I go back to have the young ones looking up to me, telling me I inspired them. I’m just really proud because they’re proud.”

Invite Only Cabo premieres May 14, following The Real Housewives of Atlanta Secrets Show 8c.

LA-Based Colin Costello writes for film, TV, advertising and of course, Reel Chicago. Follow him on Twitter @colincostello10.