SNL’s Cecily Strong ladles up the Prego for Leo Burnett

If ladling on sauce makes you want to sing marinara’s praises, SNL’s Cecily Strong has just the message for you. Check out how Leo Burnett Chicago’s new work for Prego encourages us all to make dinner quick and “pour it on thick.”

The best way to win at dinner is to put it all on the table and sing the praises of pasta sauce. Kudos to Leo Burnett for bringing the amazingly talented, and everyone’s favorite SNL performer Cecily Strong to pour it on thick.

There are plenty of pain points that can make dinner fall flat—no time to prepare, a lack of ingredients or a table of picky eaters, to name a few. That’s why Leo Burnett teamed up with Campbell’s and Prego to show hasty homemakers how to make any meal a show-stopper. Simply, “pour it on thick.”

With a hefty serving of sauce and a few songs to share, this campaign proves that the ‘go big or go home’ mentality might be the key to make dinnertime a success—and who better to demonstrate this ideal than SNL comedian, Cecily Strong?

From a broadway number to a disco boogie, Cecily invites audiences and house guests alike to join her in savoring some Prego and not being shy about ladling it on. 

This campaign goes beyond marinara and serving size to tap into what it really means to pour it on thick. It’s not just a dinnertime mantra. It’s a lifestyle.

These clever spots win Reel Ad of the Week because who wouldn’t love hanging out in the kitchen with Cecily Strong?

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