Calabash animating 2 more shorts

Still from “Tryst Watch”

Happily basking in the glow of its Oscar-nominated “Stubble Trouble” in 2001, Calabash animators are back at the drawing board with two more cartoon shorts.

Just completed is 3.5-minute “Tryst Watch,” written and art directed by animator Gary Whitney. “It has a retro look, like an old Fleischer cartoon,” said Calabash’s Monica Kendall.

The story is bout a man waiting on a corner for his girlfried, who is very late, and being swept up into mayhem. He is left with a single broken rose, and still no girlfriend.

Just starting is animator Jackie Smessaert’s 6-minute “Botnik.” It’s the story of a procrastinating beatnik artist, who makes a robot to do the work, with unexpected results.?

There’s no narration in “Tryst Watch,” just music. Calabash’s multi-talented Ed Newman scored and performed on keyboard. The two new pieces are headed for the festival route.?