BUTCHER packs mini-epic into new Athene Holding spot

Filming "Game Changer" on location in LA

Filming “Game Changer” on location in LA

David Henegar
films a
human puppet struggle
to deliver
a brilliant message
while “pushing the
creative envelope”

(Santa Monica, CA — 4 October 2018) In completing Game Changer — a new commercial for Athene Holding — BUTCHER Director David Henegar picked up right where he left off on the last campaign.

With captivating imagery, creative metaphors, and simple storytelling, the 30-second mini-epic delivers an unforgettable followup to Be Brave, a Henegar-helmed inaugural film that set the tone for the retirement services company’s bold branding vision and high-concept, creative work.

Created by Minneapolis’ Agency Blue, Game Changer follows a mission to push the creative envelope even further. Featuring businessmen and businesswomen as marionettes controlled by a puppet master overlord, the story focuses on a hero who resists the status quo and struggles to break free.

As BUTCHER Executive Producer Rob Van describes it, the result plays like, “Gulliver’s Travels meets Wall Street.”



“Henegar does a fantastic job of creating a well-crafted allegory with fanciful and over the top visuals,” Van continues. “The world in which the story lives is equally imaginative and unconventional.”

Agency Blue CEO/Chief Creative Officer Brian Kroening concurs.

Director David Henegar and Cinematographer Mitchell Amundsen
Director David Henegar and Cinematographer Mitchell Amundsen

“Dave has over-delivered on every project we have done together and, to top it all off, he is just a really great person – the kind you want to be in the trenches with,” he explains. “A consummate professional who always keeps your best interests at heart at every point throughout the process, he is not only a director, but also a true partner who dives into the idea with tremendous amounts of passion and a wicked, keen sense of story-telling.”

David Henegar of BUTCHER directed and edited the work. Ben Walsh of Method LA designed the visual effects.

Client Athene Holding Ltd.

Agency Agency Blue, Minneapolis, MN
   Brian Kroening, CEO/Chief Creative Officer
   Leslie Crayne, President
   Kris Wong Barrie, producer

Production BUTCHER Los Angeles
   David Henegar, director
   Mitchell Amundsen, cinematographer
   Jeff Rohrer, line producer
   Rob Van…, executive producer

Editorial BUTCHER Los Angeles
   David Henegar, editor
   Kelly Henson, assistant editor
   Rob Van… post producer VFX Method Santa Monica
   Ben Walsh, VFX supervisor
   Andy Dill, Flame Artist
   Stephanie Gilgar, Executive Producer
   Diana De Vries, producer

Color C03
   Stefan Sonnefeld, colorist

Audio Pixel Farm, Minneapolis
   Ken Chastain, composer/mixer