Brody’s third indie comedy feature opens nationally

Reid Brody of 2DS Productions

Reid Brody’s 2DS Productions — Chicago’s fastest-growing indie film company — is sending invitations to the community for the premiere of its third film, the offbeat comedy “Bad Johnson,” that will open in Chicago at the AMC River East theatre and nine other major US cities on May 2.

2DS is the partnership of Brody, who heads Filmworkers Club, producers Bill Ryan, who worked for the late John Hughes for 20 years, and LA-based Danny Roman.

The script by Jeff Tetreault was directed by Huck Botko of New York, and stars Cam Gigandet  (“Twilight”) as Rich, a ladies man, whom women would call the ultimate “bad boy,” and co-stars Jamie Chung  (“Sucker Punch”) and comedian Nick Thune.

The story is about Rich, whose infidelities alienate yet another girlfriend (Chung) and he wishes he could say goodbye to his “little friend.” The next morning he discovers to his horro r that his wish has been granted. His penis has taken human form as a disgusting, selfish, oversexed jerk (Thune). 

Star Cam Gigandet

Pitted against his alter ego, Rich must figure out how to rein in his penis, literally and  figuratively, learn what separates the men from their boys.

Brody calls it “a unique movie — bold, outrageous, yet very grounded, which is ultimately what makes it so incredibly funny and such a satisfying experience for both men and women.”

“We auditioned many actors for the lead and liked Cam, a rising young star,” says Ryan.  “Cam, Nick and Jamie are from LA and Kevin Miller and Katherine Cunningham wcere our two Chicago actors.”

DP Luke Geissbuher (“Borat”) of  New York shot the 90-minute indie, with a local crew in October, 2012 for a budget of around $1 million. Treehouse, Filmworkers’ post branch in Dallas, handled editorial and finish.

2DS producer/partner Bill RyanEva Longoria to produce new comedy

Two new 2DS films are currently in development. Eva Longoria is set to star and also produce the comedy, “Who Gets the Dog,” which is scheduled to film in Chicago this summer.

In fall, 2DS departs from its comedy model with “Santa Muerta,” a suspense/horror story that will be directed by Danny Del Purgatorio, Vitamin’s creative director, on location in New Mexico.

“Bad Johnson” debuted digitally April 1 on Video on Demand, released by Gravitas Ventures, which is handling the film’s US distribution. The Salt Company International is handling all global sales, including international rights sold to the 2014 Berlin Film Festival.