Boyer Productions’ two-part doc bows on Ch. 11

PAULA ZAHN hosts “Retirement Revolution,” a two-part PBS documentary about the challenges and solutions of retirement that face America’s largest generation.

Produced and directed by Brian Boyer of Boyer Productions, the two-part doc will air on Ch. 11 on March 31 and April 7.

“Retirement” is the first-all HD documentary made for national prime time broadcast for the PBS system. Boyer began shooting some 33 experts in June 2007 and finished the project in early January.

DP was Marcin Wawrzyczek; cinematographers Mark Manet and William Wallace, using Sony 700 and XP cameras. Dan Peters, Ken Hall and Gail Gilbert edited, Kelly Armstrong was the colorist. Michael Kammes of Lucid Sound was the re-recording mixer.

“We built the biggest, bad-ass buses we could imagine,” says CG artist Curt Cooper. “There are 20 or 30 variants, individually customized and ID’d with team logos.”

The story of a prison chaplain’s experience is the first reuniting of directors Steve James and Peter Gilbert and Steve James since they collaborated on 1994’s Oscar-nominated “Hoop Dreams.”