‘Border’d’ comes to life with OTV partnership

Lauryn Lugo in 'Border'd'

Lauryn Lugo in ‘Border’d’

The “incredibly personal”
web series
“imperative themes”
within the
Latinx community

A new partnership has launched between Border’d, a new web series centered on the lives of Latinx siblings, and the television network Open TV (OTV).

Border’d focuses on the lives of a trio of Latinx siblings who are called to their hometown after a family tragedy and are forced to confront their ignored culture, hidden secrets, and past failures.

“This show is incredibly personal for all of us as we explore imperative themes within the Latinx community,” said Adrian Nuño, co-creator and producer of Border’d. “Whether its sexuality, immigration, or the difficulties associated with satisfying two cultures simultaneously, we want to tackle it all.”



Future episodes
The Border’d web series pilot episode premiered at the Chicago Cultural Center on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019. Following its premiere, the show will continue development on its first season, with filming on-site in Chicago and the Northwest suburbs. The show seeks to fundraise money to shoot five additional episodes later this year to complete the first season.

Partnerships with networks like Open TV will make such efforts possible.

“Getting to partner with a network like Open TV has been awesome for our show,” said Andrew Nuño, another co-creator and producer of Border’d. “Their team is incredibly passionate about helping intersectional creators get their work out and we look forward to working with them as we complete the first season of our show.”

Created by Andrew and Adrian Nuño and Lauryn Lugo, with invaluable direction from Director Daniel Gebert, Border’d stars leading talents, including Lauryn Lugo, Andrew Nuño, Adrian Nuño, Michelle Jasso, Armando Reyes, John Magaña, and Mateusz Wielomek.

About OTV
Open Television (OTV) is a platform for intersectional pilots and series, supporting Chicago artists in producing and exhibiting indie series.

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