“The Blexicans” sitcom pilot gets set to shoot here

Director Bill Duke

The pilot for “The Blexicans,” a half-hour sitcom series being directed here by Bill Duke for Red Dove Media, gets underway April 27 for five days at Cinespace and in the surrounding Little Village neighborhood.

Created by the husband-and-wife team of D’Shaun and Cherise Ragland of Red Dove, the story is about the romance and culture clash that ensues after an aspiring African American comic working at his family’s funeral home elopes with his Mexican girlfriend, and how they cope to keep peace with their feuding families.

“I wanted to do something that promoted cultural unity, not just between blacks and Mexicans, but between all cultures,” says executive producer/funder Kelvis Smith. 

The show will be a first, say the producers, since no other TV show has taken a close look at an African American-Mexican marriage.  “The show will say what others won’t say about race, to make it thought-provoking and funny,” adds Duke.

The script was written by Delvin Molden, George Wilborn, and Jim White representing the African American perspective; Zandra Rivera and L.A.-based Rick Najera express the Latino culture.

Molden, Rivera and Najera are producing; Wilborn is assistant producer along with Cesar Rolon, Abe Thompson and Scottie Goodrich; Dan Vogel is line producer. DP, Jody Williams, assistant director, Brad Smith.  

Ten Chicago actors will be finalized next week; five performers will come from LA. Chicago casting by Anthony White Casting and Zandra Rivera.