Black Screenplays Matter accepting submissions

We want to
support writers and
filmmakers who are
making films about
the black community

Black Screenplays Matter

Whether you’re writing a historical piece, a controversial drama, a sensational thriller, the next big action film, a hip indie, or a laugh out loud urban comedy, Black Screenplays Matter wants to support you.

Our goal is to inspire more storytellers to write great stories about the black community, to see more black stories to go into production, and to connect production companies that tell black stories to the exceptionally talented storytellers who are writing them.

We want to inspire generations of filmmakers to tell great stories that will inspire future generations to tell great stories.

Black Screenplays Matter rewards screenwriters with various prizes including distribution of your script to top industry executives at several production companies and talent agencies in both New York and Los Angeles as well as to our database of A list agents, managers, and festival winners on both coasts who are looking for clients and material to produce.

Three winners will also receive an InkTip Script Listing of your script on InkTip so that even more producers and reps can find you.

“We want to support writers and filmmakers who are making films about the black community…”

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Filmmatic PITCH NOW Screenplay Competition

We spend a lot of our precious time creating scripts, sometimes great scripts, and we hardly ever employ an equal level of passion when attempting to get our work into the “right hands”.

The exposure and prestige one can gain from placing or winning a screenplay competition is invaluable, but what do you say this time around we also get you PITCHING!

Let’s get proactive, lets pick a production company that makes sense for our project, tell them we were a Pitch Now Finalist or Winner, and get them to review our work, now not later.

2018 competition prizes include
   · $1000 cash to the Overall Winner.
   · All 100 Finalists receive a pitch opportunity to the studio of their choice via Virtual Pitchfest.
   · 10 Categorical Winners win extended Pitch Packages.
   · Highest scoring Feature and Pilot will receive all-access passes to Story Expo’s Pitch Room
   · InkTip listings, Agency Review, and Industry Exposure via our post-competition press run.

To learn more and enter, click here.