The 5th Annual Big Teeth 60-second Film Festival

Short films,
free craft beer,
delicious popcorn, and
the Ravenswood Art Walk
are the “best way to
spend 15 minutes”
this year

The 5th Annual Big Teeth 60-second Film Festival happens next weekend at Big Teeth Films & Animation’s 2,000 square-foot studio in Ravenswood. One of the Chicago creative community’s most beloved traditions, this year’s run promises to deliver all the thrills and brevity of its predecessors

The fest will feature a dozen “brand new, completely original short films” by employees, freelancers, and industry friends screening every twenty minutes from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on September 14 and September 15.

Complete with free craft beer, delicious popcorn, and the nearby Ravenswood Art Walk, the program is “the best way to spend 15 minutes this year,” according to the hosts.



The The 5th Annual Big Teeth 60-second Film Festival takes place next Saturday September 14 and Sunday September 15 at Big Teeth’s studio, 4001 N Ravenswood Ave. For more info, click here.

Small Shorts Fest coming in October
In the fall, Big Teeth intends to quintuple the 60-second bliss by launching its first ever Small Shorts Film Festival (BTSSFF).

Featuring submissions of five minutes or less by filmmakers from around the world, the event is a global inspiration spawned by the Windy City original.

BTSSFF takes place on October 17th at Empirical Brewing. To learn about the event, including how to submit work via FilmFreeway, click here.

An adolescent Andre the Giant
Founded in 2005, Big Teeth Films & Animation has grown “like an adolescent Andre the Giant” ever since. Producing content for “for brands, agencies, and people with hearts and brains,” the company has worked with a variety of clients ranging from AXA Financial to Sesame Street. To learn more about Big Teeth, click here.

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