Battery creates campaign for Chris Rock Netflix show

The reveal billboard for Chris Rock's "Tamborine"

The reveal billboard for Chris Rock’s “Tamborine”

Thank you, Battery and Netflix, I wanted to get my girlfriend a rock for Valentine’s Day and you have now made that possible.

LA-based Battery has created a nifty new global campaign for Netflix to promote Chris Rock’s stand-up comedy special, Tamborine, that debuts on the streaming giant on Valentine’s Day.

The spot opens on a sleek black set with six white tambourines taking center stage, as if they are floating. A slow beat picks up, almost heartbeat-like. One by one the tambourines start reacting. Like dominos, the beat carries from one tambourine to the next.

The pacing and mood intensifies with every hit, until the rhythm catches the last tambourine at the crescendo. The tambourines drop to the floor together and the camera cuts to one tambourine that lands perfectly on the ground to reveal the “O” in Rock’s name. Watch it below:



“The goal of the campaign was to announce Chris’ special in a way that builds organic buzz around the pending release,” said Scott Brown, Partner/VP/Creative Director at Battery. “From dropping the cryptic teaser to rolling out mysterious OOH boards, Netflix looked to draw in its audience, and get them asking for more.”

The integrated effort launched on February 3rd with a cryptic teaser campaign that dropped during Saturday Night Live. It was similar to the “reveal” spot, except with no mention of Rock.

Similarly, mysterious billboards showed a lone tambourine against a black background that would later be revealed as the “O” in Rock’s name.

Netflix also looked to utilize a number of their social channels to keep its audience guessing what these cryptic films meant, as they rolled out a number of social posts incorporating tambourines in the hands of Netflix Original characters (Narcos, The Crown, Big Mouth, Orange is the New Black).



Rock’s stand-up special covers a wide array of topics including his recent divorce. Fittingly, the campaign creative is both a nod to the Prince song, Tamborine (which plays during the special) as well as a reference to a joke featured in the special where Rock states that sometimes in a relationship you have to play various instruments.

I know one should not express jealousy, especially on Valentine’s Day, but I am jealous of this simple, yet intriguing campaign from Battery.

Ad Agency: Battery
   CEO/Co-Founder: Anson Sowby
   CCO/Co-Founder: Philip Khosid
   Partner/VP/Creative Director: Scott Brown
   Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Rebecca Ginos
   Associate Creative Director, Writer: Ryan Montanti
   Film Producer: Thomas Martin
   Brand Supervisor: Zach Hill

Production Company: Golden
   Director: Jake Banks
   Executive Producer: Matt Marquis
   Producer: Scott Siegal

Original Music: Wolf at the Door
   Composed by: Jimmy Haun and Alex Kemp
   Music Company: Wolf at the Door
   Producer: Alex Rose

Audio: Formosa, Santa Monica
   Sound Mixer: John Bolen
   Producer: Lauren Cascio

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