John C. Reilly returns to alma mater DePaul for the Theatre School’s 15th Annual Awards for Excellence in Arts ceremony May 8.

The Mike Leary twins, Bridget and Evelyn, arrived April 25. Leary had been FCB’s production head for 12 years.

Here’s why we’re glad to live in Illinois: Jerry Springer, former Cincinnati mayor, is talking of running for the U.S. Senate seat from Ohio.

How ironic that Sen. Dick Durbin discussed runaway production with Harold Ramis, who has yet to film a feature here. Wouldn’t the IPA prove a better source?

Reelize’s Marci Miles and Gail Miller signed L.A.’s Uncle for Midwest representation.

Spank! Music named gave well-earned executive producer titles to Ken Kolasny, Chicago, and Katie Jones, Santa Monica.

Optimus’ Co-Op gets an official start May 8 at an open house welcoming the L.A. biz to its new Santa Monica digs.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan wed animator/cartoonist Patrick Byrnes (who provided many a cartoon for my original Screen) April 26 at St. Clement’s Church.

Now DraftWorldwide will be known simply as Draft, which is what it’s been called anyway. New logo and a new global positioning: "The Science Behind the Success.

FCB Design is a new unit comprised of Wayne Carey and Julio Desir to help steer campaign visuals “in the right direction.”