Antidote for lockdown: 10 reasons to get out of town


We may not be ready to hit the road yet but GoTraveler offers the next best thing to packing a bag.

Riding an elephant, going through an African safari, joining an Irish brewery tour, and gazing at the Eiffel Tower are all travel experiences of a lifetime. There’s a lot to learn about the world and discover. And one of the best ways to explore, especially right now, is by watching travel shows. 

After decades of partnering with PBS, Discovery Channel, CNN and Travel Channel, Chicago’s only full-service distribution and production company, Questar Entertainment, launched its first free, streaming service, GoTraveler. You can stream hundreds of hours of full seasons and movies of the largest travel collection in the world at home or on your phone on GoTraveler on Roku, Fire TV, Apple and Android apps and linear channels on LG and Xumo Channel 401. GoTraveler is the number four travel app on Roku. 

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10 Series to Binge Right Now: 

Cuba Today:

Follow Marlin Darrah as he gains exclusive access to the forbidden country of Cuba. From the capital city of Havana to the beautiful seaport of Santiago de Cuba, you will marvel at the natural beauty of this island nation. Travel to the Pinar del Rio and visit the lush tobacco fields that produce the most sought-after cigars in the world. As you explore further, colorful towns and sugar plantations unfold before your eyes. Walk the beaches of Matanzas and Cuba’s colorful coastline. Cuban people welcome visitors with open arms, and their blend of cultures overflow with a friendly and easy-going hospitality.

Fantastic Festivals of the World:

Every festival focuses on the country’s unique annual celebrations, its people, its music and its historical traditions. This series of 30 programs takes you to unique locations and the hidden treasures of 25 countries around the world.

The Silk Road: 

A war correspondent for the AP news agency and a journalist for Paris Match will be our guides. Take an extended trip through six countries and cultures. Journey through time, encountering specialists, historians, or just everyday people with a passion who will help you grasp the past and present identities of those countries. From Bursa in Turkey to Xi’an in China. Alfred guides and accompanies you in this fresh and original way to discover History.

Rudy Maxa’s World:

With an investigative reporting background, Rudy Maxa, explores the history, culture, and local cuisine throughout Europe and Asia. Join him as he discovers countries and cities. 

Xtreme Tourist:

Dynamic host Ernie Harker sets a frantic pace for this high-energy travel series aimed to get viewers excited about experiencing what the world has to offer as he seeks for opportunities to do something physically extreme in every episode. Ernie packs as many activities as possible into a short amount of time at each destination.


Lonely Planet: Best Parks Ever:

Embark on an unprecedented expedition through over 40 of America’s National Parks. Lonely Planet brings 10 fast-paced adventures that highlight the Best Parks Ever. This series packs together all the amazing activities, vacations, and sites of America’s natural wonders.

Travel Thru History:

Travel Thru History is a family travel television show and blog focused on traveling to cities around the globe and learning their history.


Trekking the World:

Discover the Earth’s most awe-inspiring places! Trekking the World is a global adventure travel program featuring awe-inspiring locations. Damon Redfern travels the world in search of the most stirring places of historical, cultural and spiritual significance.


Wild Life:

This breathtaking series aims at discovering why two very different regions of the planet, very far away from each other, are so rich in biodiversity.  Central America is a strip of land connecting two large land masses, a small region with an extraordinary natural richness. The Iberian Peninsula is the most bio-diverse region in Europe, acting as an umbilical cord between Africa and Europe.


Around the World with Marlin Darrah:

Join host and veteran traveler, Marlin Darrah on a grand tour around the globe. Experience the wilds of Madagascar and the Amazon. Travel the length of the Panama Canal and awaken to a Mediterranean dream. The sun-soaked South Pacific beckons your arrival, as do the islands of southern Asia. Behold spectacular wonders of the world and complete your intimate journey in Spain and Portugal.


Coming Soon: 

GoTraveler has new episodes and series every two weeks. Look for titles like Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tourcoming soon. 

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