The Answer Prince

Q. How would I find out about upcoming film productions so I could see about submitting my info? – Hank

A. Ahhh, that’s something everyone wants to know, Hank. By the time features are announced, the jobs are filled. But keep trying. Read the Hollywood trades, bug the film offices, learn who’s in charge of local hiring, and talk to fellow film workers. Meanwhile, keep tracking the Miramax feature (see News) until you learn who’s doing the hiring and take it from there.

Q. Have you heard any buzz about a show that NBC is supposed to shoot in Chicago for eight weeks? – Ann

A. Not so far. But we’ll report anything we hear. We did come across another rumor, though: A new local cable shopping network is supposed to be in development.

Q. Two talent questions. Bob wants to know about getting his six-month old son involved as a “baby extra” for movies and commercials, and catalogs. And Scott wants to know how to “find name talent to attach to my talk show and create the proper demo reel and package to sell my show.”

A. Bob and Scott: Contact a casting director or talent agency – Bob, one with a children’s department, Scott, one with L.A. connections. Forget about catalog work, Bob, it’s long gone from Chicago. Scott: You do need a specialist for your package. Readers: Know anyone to help Scott?

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