Reel Black List: Anita Luckett – artist manager, producer

Anita Luckett

Anita Luckett

The producer of
“Canal Street”
has provided
career assistance
for the likes of
Halle Berry, Tika Sumpter,
Darren Criss,
and Rhyan LaMarr

Anita Luckett, known for her grace and Kre8tivity, has achieved success as an Artist Manager and Producer.

After graduating from Columbia College, the native Chicagoan took her education, charm, and work ethic to Los Angeles, where she spent more than a decade as a Theatrical Associate and Talent Manager.

The experience enabled her to learn one of the film industry’s most sought-after skills: the wearing-of-many-hats. Along the way, she helped launch and boost the careers of award-winning celebrities like Halle Berry, Tika Sumpter and Darren Criss.

These days, her intuitive drive has her back in Chicago working with more on-the-rise artists like her client Rhyan LaMarr, the Director, Writer and Producer of Canal Street, a film that dares to tackle cultural issues with faith-driven passion.

Whether Anita is advising career decisions, implementing unique marketing plans or developing new projects, her recipe provides the best insight and motivation for optimal success.



What was your first break? It was casting a reality show in Los Angeles for Fox TV called Totally Hidden Video. I learned a lot about production and producing talent. It was a great springboard for my career direction.

Worst thing that ever happened to you to remind you that you are Black? I wouldn’t say it was the worst, but it was unfortunate. I once worked for a known music library company, and was one of the four minorities employed there. We were asked to attend a company outing baseball game. We took our assigned seats, and just so happen that we all were in the same section. One of the executives asked if we were “separating ourselves” from them, and then said, “What is this? The ghetto section!” I was upset and demanded an apology for that racial stereotype.

Best thing to ever happen to you to remind you that you are Black? Don’t need a reminder 🙂 My best blessings did not happen because I am Black. They happened because I’m determined, driven, and uniquely made by God. When I see my colleagues and talent I worked with rise up in their careers, I am happy and I applaud them because the industry still employs a disproportionate number of minorities and women. This business is not a sprint but a marathon. I continue to ignite artists’ creativity so we all can keep elevating, and paying it forward for the next generation. That is and will be the “Best thing ever.”

Work you are most proud of? I am proud of all my work and career decisions. But, I’m most proud of Canal Street, a powerful film that continues to receive great reviews and responses. Producing this film and shooting it here in Chicago was an honor and a blessing.

How has the business changed since you broke in? I never imagined that reality television would be this explosive! Definitely a whole new game from where I started in the early 90’s. We now have reality stars turning into Mega Stars like Cardi B. OKAY (in her voice) lol.

Also I am very proud to see the rise of Black female filmmakers raising the bar high with award-winning and groundbreaking projects. Our numbers are growing, as the push for more diversity continues.

Trapped on an island, what essentials must you have?
My Bible
My Vision Board for Motivation and Inspiration
My Music! iPad w unlimited charged battery packs listening to all of my Kre8tive playlists on shuffle.


If you had a time machine, what would you say to your past self? I would say, “Twiggy (my childhood nickname, Never Stop Trying!
Don’t discount your God given Talents.
Always prepare for a rainy day, SAVE your $$$.
Take care of #1 because #2 is not you!”


If you could have a one-on-one with anyone who would it be? And why? My Grandma, I’Della Langston. I would like to thank her for always believing and encouraging me to keep going and to never give up on my dreams in my heart. I would share with her my triumphs and also how I made it through the storms of life by keeping strong and resilient.

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