Up and Down the Avenue – 11/19/03

John Crededio wasn’t kidding about a lawsuit against the state’s representative, Brenda Sexton. He hired one of the city’s biggest legal guns to pursue his case.

Steve Ford Music added executive producer Cynthia Barber, former DDB executive radio producer (and songwriter/singer) and marketing coordinator Rachel Slusarczyk, a recent School of Art Institute grad.

Famous Columbia College alum producer Bob Teitel (need we mention “Barber Shop” and “Soul Food?”) shares his filmmaking experiences at what could be an SRO evening Nov. 25 at the Merle Reskin Theatre.

Actor Ted Mann bid farewell to Chicago, at least for six months while he scopes out the L.A. scene. As a definite character actor, he should be in demand in minutes.

O’Connor Casting shows the great latitude of Chicago talent in its upgraded Website featuring spots produced by production companies and ad agencies that draw on actors from this market. See www.oconnorcasting.tv.

“McKids” is the name of McDonald’s licensing plan that will expand its brand worldwide in a range of children’s clothes, toys, interactive videos and books to expand beyond fast food.

Comma’s cool West Loop studios are featured in the ultra swank November Interior Design magazine.

Home again is Caroline Perzan, a union set decorator on features, after 14 years in L.A.

Spotlight Marketing, a product placement company, named Mary Smeling marketing director. She’d preveious run Edelman PR’s entertainment marketing group (celeb spokespersons, product placements, TV/film tie-ins).