Up and Down the Avenue – 02/24/04

When the Tribune told Marc USA it wanted a review, Marc politely declined participating and the 8-year association was severed. The Trib account bills $8-$10 million.

John Malkovich comes here April 12-June 5 to star in Steppenwolf’s premiere of “Lost Land,” by Stephen Jeffries.

John Mahoney also returns to Steppenwolf Sept. 16-Nov. 14 in “The Dresser,” co-starring Tracy Letts and directed by Amy Morton.

I-Cubed’s Arturo was creative editor on new Alberto VO-5 spots for Element 79, winning the account from beleaguered Tatham.

Tatham is steeling itself for the loss of the $80 million Red Lobster account as it heads for either Grey/New York or Richardson Group/Dallas.

On a happier note, JWT Kraft cheese brands landed at FCB, keeping the biz on the Ave, and BBDO won new biz, Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurants.

For “The Weather Man” feature now shooting, Tenner Pascal Rudnicke cast 30 speaking roles.

Carol Williams moves into Hancock offices in mid-March. Move over, Burrell. Williams is the U.S.’ second largest African American ad agency.

“Starting Over” wrapped, ending its Chicago-produced run of 203 episodes of TV’s only daytime reality series, reports the CFO’s Kathy Byrne.