‘Among Wolves’ week-long screening at Music Box

The Wolves motorcycle club

The Wolves motorcycle club

“Gorgeous … intimate”
Chicago-produced doc
tells of Bosnian War
veterans who find peace
while defending a
herd of wild horses

To celebrate the release of Among Wolves, an award-winning documentary that premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF), the Chicago filmmakers present a special week of screenings, events, and discussions that explore combat trauma and recovery, post-war reconciliation, addiction, and the state of independent filmmaking.

Beginning February 8th at the Music Box Theatre, Among Wolves will screen for a week-long special event titled, “Among Wolves and Friends.” The extended program will include curated guest screenings, panels, and other events.

Peace, horses, and motorcycles

On location with "Among Wolves"
On location with “Among Wolves”

Winner of the 2018 CIFF “Chicago Award,” Among Wolves tells the story of a Bosnia Herzegovina motorcycle club called The Wolves.

The Wolves are a multi-ethnic group of riders and Bosnian war veterans who organize charity for their small mountain town while defending a threatened herd of wild horses that they met on the front line.

The gorgeously shot, surprisingly intimate portrait of trauma and survival reveals a unique group of enthusiasts who confront their pasts and reclaim territory as a space for healing out there, with the horses.



Among Wolves is the film that I have been preparing for and poised to make for nearly a decade,” explains director Shawn Convey. “Baffled by how the world community could allow the war in the former Yugoslavia to happen, I was even more fascinated to discover how people heal and move forward from such an avoidable tragedy.”

After selling out all screenings and winning the prestigious Chicago Award at its Chicago International world premiere, Among Wolves has spent the last 24 months playing to festival audiences on four continents.

Along the way, it earned a slew of awards including Best Director, Best of Fest, and Triumph of the Human Spirit.

In addition to daily screenings of Among Wolves, the “Among Wolves and Friends” series will showcase a pair of critically acclaimed documentaries exploring similar themes that have never before screened in Chicago: Alix Blair’s Farmer/Veteran and James Demo’s The Peacemaker.

Other partners helping organize and/or promote the event include the Road Home Program at RUSH, Cinema/Chicago, the Illinois Film Office, IFP Chicago, and The Mill Chicago.

To learn more and purchase tickets for “Among Wolves and friends,” click here.