Adult site xHamster wants to produce S3 of “Sense8”

No, this is not a joke. And I will try and get through this article without making one. I will try.

According to multiple sources, popular porn site, xHamster, has approached the Wachowskis with a proposition to fund production of the Chicago-produced series and cult darling, Sense8.

Back in June we covered that Sense8 was among a group of shows canceled by Netflix. The series had aired 23 episodes and became beloved for its empowering themes of acceptance. Fan outcry was so passionate over the news that Netflix convinced Lana Wachowski to wrap-up the series with a two-hour movie set to premiere in 2018.

But then xHamster had this idea – what if there could be a season three instead? The website, which has been around for the last decade, argues it has more daily visitors than a lot of top publication websites and would be a natural fit for a series that includes infamous sex scenes and themes about sexual rights.

xHamster issued an official statement to ScreenCrush that reads:

We’re huge admirers of the show, as are many of our fans. Obviously, for both us and the Wachowskis this would be a big move, and the logistics would need to be worked out. This isn’t just about switching a network, this is about switching the way a show is delivered, and thus how the show is produced and what is produced. Does it open up possibilities for the storyline if the show is moved away from a mainstream corporation and onto a platform that’s not sex-phobic? Does a mainstream audience feel comfortable moving to a platform known for adult? What we admire about the Wachowskis, and about the show itself is that it takes risks. I think that we’re a nascent network, and I’d love to hear what they would do with us.

According to Indiewire, Lana Wachowski had originally intended to continue Sense8 into a third season, so the chance to actually make good on her vision is probably an enticing one.

However, it’s reported that she’s already agreed to wrap up the series with the Netflix movie, and the streaming giant wouldn’t necessarily want to give up the rights to the show to another platform given that all episodes will remain available to stream on its site.

Sense8 fans will have to settle for the two-hour ender for now, but xHamster’s offer is an intriguing one and hints that even a porn site could end up being home for original programming.

And maybe just tweak the title to Sense8″.

See? I waited until the end.

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