DDB helps Dodge reveal the 2019 Ram 1500

DDB reveals the 2019 Ram 1500

DDB reveals the 2019 Ram 1500

Wow. I’m used to DDB Chicago making me laugh and warm my insides. I can’t say they have ever really gotten my head nodding and my foot tapping musically though.

‘Til now.

The good folks at the Lake Michigan (amazing views) shop created a new video for last week’s reveal of the 2019 Ram 1500 truck at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Following the reveal, the video was posted on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Directed by The Bridge Company’s Mike Jurkovac and set against a cinematic montage of Americana, the video also reveals an updated, head bobbin’, chair dancin’ cover of John Denver’s 1974 hit, “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” by The Tennessee Kids.

The one-minute, 24-second commercial has amassed 20 million+ views on YouTube since posting January 15.



Like one YouTube poster said, “This is how you make a commercial.”

A spokeswoman for Fiat Chrysler Auto USA (FCA) says DDB was tapped to develop the video for Ram with the goal to produce a piece that would suggest the Ram is built for all Americans and that the Ram Nation is indeed a diverse one.

And that is so needed right now with everyone drinking the “haterade” on social media. So kudos to the Creative Director team of veteran Copywriter Bart Culberson and Art Director Angela Paris.

The spot is hella good and a clear reminder why DDB is one of the top three agencies in Chicago (and top 10 in the country) when one thinks about creative. This video is the right combination of visuals, message and, dang, that music track.

Hey DDB, how about a 2-minute and 30-second version now?


Client: FCA
   Chief Marketing Officer: Olivier Francois
   Director of Brand Advertising: Marissa Hunter
   Head of Ram Brand Advertising: Jeff Summers

Agency: DDB
   Chief Creative Officer, North America: Ari Weiss
   Chief Creative Officer, Chicago: John Maxham
   Chief Production Officer: Diane Jackson
   Chief Strategy Officer: Jack Perone
   Group Creative Director: Nathan Monteith
   Creative Director/Art Director: Angela Paris
   Creative Director/Copywriter: Bart Culberson
   Executive Producer: Luke LiManni
   Production Manager: Ellen O’Donnell
   Talent and Music: Linda Bres
   Group Business Director: Jennifer Nolden
   Account Manager: Catherine Beer
   Group Strategy Director: Josh Drueck
   Senior Strategist: Emily Frye

Production: The Bridge Co.
   Director: Mike Jurkovac
   Executive Producer: Bill Boyd
   Creative Director: Gary Koepke
   Creative/Editor: Igor Kovalik
   Post Producer: Mary Stasilli

Music Production/Arrangement: Venus Brown, Buddah Brown International

“Thank God I’m A Country Boy” recorded by The Tennessee Kids

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