At the 3 year mark, DeLong’s Mimi Productions and two affiliates spread out in new space

Michelle DeLong’s “clan” is one of many companies that’s changing spaces during Chicago’s traditional moving month of May.

On May 31 the three affiliated companies will pack up move from a 1,400-sq. ft. office in the Orbis building and on June 2 open for business in 3,500-sq. ft. of space in a large building a few miles south of the Loop.

The clan ? DeLong’s Mimi Productions, her husband David Miller’s Mindlight Films/Viral Film Video and DP Tim Horstman’s Nexvision ? will settle in a 10-story building at 329 W. 18th St., at Canal St. and the Chicago River.

The DeLong group was one of the few remaining film-related companies in the River West Orbis building where the third set of owners occupy the entire second floor.

“We looked for six months to find a building like this one and we’re thrilled. The building has affordable rent, so we’re sure of staying for a long time, furnished utilities and both indoor and outdoor parking,” says DeLong. “It’s a 10 story building, all concrete construction, which is great for production,” she adds.

Spot News, stringers for Chicago news stations, is the building’s only other production company.