20 West’s “The Squeeze” airs on MSNBC

Newly formed 20 West Productions will start the New Year off with the proverbial bang, as the TV documentary company’s first new series, “The Squeeze,” about local law enforcement, premieres Jan. 1 on MSNBC.

“The Squeeze” follows the elite Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) operating inside Cook County Jail, that works to penetrate gang barriers and gather intelligence about gang activity throughout the city.

The three hourlong episodes MSNBC ordered thus far, follow that intelligence to the streets, as the recently formed 30-man CIU works with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police to bust drug houses, confiscate illegal weapons caches and even

“The Squeeze” is the first Chicago-made product ordered by MSNBC. Apparently it was exactly the kind of show MSNBC was seeking, as 20 West got the greenlighting call 48 hours after MSNBC executives received the demo last spring.