17 Chicago AICE assistants win Camp Kulshov awards

A wide swatch of Chicago post house assistant editors, graphic designers and audio mixers – 17 in all — were winners in the annual AICE international Camp Kuleshov trailer Competition among all AICE chapters.

Chicago chapter winners were announced Oct. 18 at the Fremont Chicago restaurant and nightclub in River North, attended by some 200 staffers of AICE Chicago’s 23 member companies. Aice. org

“The club was packed,” says AICE International President Craig Duncan of Cutters, an AICE member for 15 years. “I think this is the best event AICE has going, a night when all the post houses come together to honor the hard work and creativity of their assistants.”

All participating assistants cut their trailers from the same set of source films and creative briefs. For the Editorial category, they could select one of 21 films given and cut a trailer up to 90-seconds that promotes the film as a picture of a different genre or by a different director. Or they could select two films and cut a trailer of the mashed up films as a picture of a third genre.

The local winners, runners-up and honorable mentions are:

The Editorial Camp Kuleshov winner was Utopic assistant editor Jarrad Quadir, for his “Red Hearts, a genre-bending twist on “Red Dragon,” a the Hannibal Lechter film, recast as a Parody.

Another Utopic assistant, Adam Bruno, was First Runner-Up in Editing for “Prank Caller,” his Crime Comedy mashup of “Three Colors: Red” and “Red Dragon.”

Second Runner-Up in Editing was Hootenanny’s Christina Bolanos for her Crime Comedy version of “Red Dragon.”

Honorable Mentions were presented to Optimus’ Ben Winter for “The Goonies Part 3” and Cutters’ Kalen Kirkpatrick for “The Neo Demon.”

The Graphic Design winner was Flavor assistant designer Mack Neaton for her psychedelic, pop art-inspired title sequence for the concert classic “Woodstock.”

Graphic Design runner-up was Protokulture’s assistant designer Peter Hebein for his cut-out animated opening for the UK action movie parody “Hot Fuzz.” Honorable Mention also went to a Protokulture assistant, Scott Wilson, for his sequence for the thriller “Contagion.”

In Sound Design, Particle Audio assistant mixer Jordan Stalling won for his layered sound design for “Playtime.” Runner-Up was another Particle assistant mixer, Brad Nayman, for his sound design for the Joel Schumacher thriller “Phone Booth.”

Another Country’s Alex Paguirigan received Honorable Mention also for “Phone Boot.”

Editor winner in the Tent City competition was Utopic’s Cole Freedman won for “The Canine Cannibal,” a Serial Killer/Cannibalism twist on the animated “Wallace & Grommet” feature “A Close Shave.”

Runner-Up was The Colonie’s Allie Fohrman for “The Bonus,” a mob film take on “National Lampoon’s Christmas.” Honorable Mention went to Optimus’ Adam Henkel for “Scout’s Honor.”

Tent City Graphic Designer was won by The Colonie’s Kathryn Schade for her distressed film and animated opening for “Woodstock.”

Tent City Sound Design winner was Optimus’ Fredrick Crittenden for his taut sound design for a segment of the 1979.

Winners of “The Lev,” AICE’s International Grand Prizes in Editing, Sound Design and Graphics (judged from the first place winners in each category from all the chapters) will be announced the Nov. 21.