10 West Studios ready for business in Manistee


Up in scenic Northwest Michigan, known for its magnificent scenery and summer recreation, a large stage complex has quietly opened in Manistee, a Victorian port city on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Ten West Studios, started last July and completed in October, was developed by Harold Cronk and Matthew Tailford, who returned to their native state last year after five years working in L.A.

Backed with “an investment of seven figures,” the complex was “repurposed” from seven dry dock boat houses owned by Jeff Seng, one the seven partners in 10 West Studios.

Located on 10 acres of land that abuts the lakeshore, and spread across a cumulative 45,000-sq. ft, the complex consists of five stages in five buildings collectively known as Waterfront Stages. This complex includes the “Big Daddy” 30,000-sq. ft. stage.

Ironworks, located less than a block away, consists of two building joined together; one is 120×265-sq. ft. and the other is 150×200-sq. ft., where an indie feature will start shooting in April.

Cronk estimates the company spent $100,000 to refurbish the buildings and adding a modular grid system and improving the power throughout.

Rick Hert, head of the West Michigan Film Commission, says 10 West “is functional and ready to go at this point” and will be a welcome addition to his half of the state.