Engel and Rafayko co-producing
Walgreen’s first weekly health show

Walgreen’s has come up with a healthy antidote to the dearth of locally-produced TV shows with its upcoming 26-week health series.

The half-hour “Walgreen’s Health Corner” will start airing Saturday mornings in January on Ch. 9 and it activates the series skills of executive producer Tom Engle whose T. Engel Productions got the nod.

Actors to get tips from Hollywood pros

Actors to get L.A. tips from Hollywood pros

Seems like the way to L.A. is being paved by the pros.

Over the Aug. 23-24 weekend, Star Caster Network hosts a workshop with L.A. casting director Ricki Maslar and actor Jay Michael Ferguson, geared to actors who want to go west.

Then on Aug. 24, production pro/author Laurie Scheer’s workshop will describe L.A. studio and job functions and how a newcomer can fit in.

Cynthia Tinervia, herself a broadcast and software expert, runs the new Chicago office for L.A.-based Star Caster Network.

Does July 15 Ad Woman of the Year luncheon signal end of an era?

Burnett attorney Carla Michelotti is the 2003 Advertising Woman of the Year.

Momentum Entertainment signs
cable, video deals for urban indie

Ta’sia Sherel and George Wilborn star in “Love Relations,” due for release on cable and video this fall.