Vagabond Audio mixer Drew Weir joins Another Country

Last week, audio engineer Drew Weir of Vagabond Audio joined Another Country, Cutters’ sound division, while his wife and partner, Rise’ Sanders, opted to keep the Vagabond brand going and the office doors open to accommodate her clients for the seeable future.

Weir and Sanders, a writer and documentarian, had owned and operated Vagabond Audio boutique for 10 productive years.  Even when their six-story sprawling riverside building was sold in August, they had every intention to remain in their 3,000-sq. ft. second studio.

Although the building was going to be developed into residences, a hotel and office space, they felt secure, with a lease in hand that ran another four years, until 2018.

Red Car editorial, their neighbor and good client, however, had apparently used the building sale as an opportunity to cease their Chicago operations.  When Red Car left and noisy demolition started, Weir and Sanders had to face the reality of their situation.

“We had to figure out what we wanted to do,” Sanders says.  “We could move somewhere else and build a new studio,” but that would have been costly and caused a serious business disruption of several months.

Then, in early September, Tim Konn, executive producer of Another Country, Cutters sound division, stepped up after hearing about Weir’s plight.  

“It just happened that we had an open room and had been looking around the country for a seasoned mixer – and there was Drew.  I had known him for a long time and respected his work,” Konn says, “so having him join us was win-win.”

Weir joined Another Country Sept. 25, bringing with him a McDonald’s job for Burrell he’d been mixing.  “The feedback about Drew being here has been really great,” Konn says.

With Weir seamlessly settled, Sanders made the decision to remain at their River East studio and continue operating out of Vagabond offices as headquarters for her writing and production business.

Another Country has four engineers: John Binder, a Cutters partner, David Gerbosi who’s been with Another Country for four years, Erik Widmark, a recently promoted assistant and Weir.

Another Country’s  room had become available after engineers Ben Leller and Robert Marshall, left a few months earlier to form their own company, SumOne Audio.