Troma Films at 40 celebrates at 2 theatres, Dec. 5-7

CULT FAVORITE TROMA FILMS’ copfounder Lloyd Kaufman (Mel Brooks’ Doppelganger) brings his latest sci fi/horror/thriller movie to Chicago partly for sentimental reasons.  Kaufman acknowledges he and Troma owe a great deal of their success to Roger Ebert, as he says in tribute video.

Ebert discovered the outrageous B-movie studio in the early 70’s and always appreciated his encouragement of indie films and being a fan of Troma’s films. 

To celebrate Troma’s 40th anniversary – making it the longest-running indie studio in US history — Kaufman is premiering his latest genre bending film, “Return to Class at Nuke ‘Em High, Vol. 1,”  at the classic Music Box theatre, Dec. 6-7.  Director Kaufman, and its stars will appear in person {hopefully in their sci fi/horror/thriller costumes and makeup, a Troma trademark).

In addition, on Dec. 5-7, Kaufman and the Tromettes will appear on stage at the XXX-rated Admiral Theatre, as part of the theatre’s live/movie “Film Strip Picture Show A-G0-Go.”  

It will have with never-before scenes from the new “Nuke ‘Em High” film and its earlier “Class of Nuke ‘Em High,” Kaufman energetically declares in the video.

“Return’s” next stop is New York’s Museum of Modern Art as part of The Contenders 2013, MOMA’s annual review of the best films from around the world.