Senior Designer Jennifer Moody joins The Colonie

Jennifer Moody, The Colonie’s new Senior Motion Graphic Designer

Boutique editorial and post studio The Colonie has been growing its graphics capabilities in response for increasing requests from agency clients for design work. 

To that end, it hired senior motion graphic designer Jennifer Moody, who most recently was a senior designer at now-defunct Foundation Chicago.

Moody will work with senior motion graphics manager Lyndsay McCully in designing and producing graphics elements for commericals and other visual media genre.

At Foundation, Moody created design elements for spots, movie trailers, music videos, title sequences and corporate media for brands including Target, Hampton Inn, Allstate, Applebee’s, State Farm and McDonald’s.

Agency creatives and producers today, says Mary Caddy, partner/co-founder of the five-year old boutique, “are pulled in many directions and they appreciate the convenience of having more work handled in one place while maintaining high creative standards.” 

The Colonie has a staff of 17. Also recently hired from Foundation was assistant editor Graham Chapman. Representation by Hilly Reps.